Allan Colquhoun

Allan believes in the principled pursuit of IP protection. Big companies, small companies, innovators and process improvers.

Allan began his career in IP at Canada’s wireless sweetheart, back during the late 1990’s. Heading to law school, Allan then worked at some of Canada’s pre-eminent IP and corporate/commercial firms – where he loved the practice of IP and the associated business deals and issues that come out of IP.

Allan then went in-house to sink his teeth even more into the business side of IP – first handling the in-house role in Canada’s biggest “non-pharma” patent lawsuit (involving all major Canadian banks) and then on to Canada’s publicly traded technology company acquisition giant. He loved both roles and the world of issues he was exposed to.

Allan is excited to be back in private practice and considers himself very fortunate to continue relationships with old employers and colleagues, old engineering classmates and a host of new clients he looks forward to serving well.

Allan can be reached at 416.317.4542.

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